When any person is driving a Kart on the circuit it is compulsory to wear approved protective clothing, which includes approved helmet for karting with full visor, earplugs, driving suit, gloves and footwear which covers and protects the driver's ankles.



1. Members are permitted to use the 'Wimmera Kart Way Track' only between the hours of 9am and 6pm daily for practice. Members are not permitted to use the track after 'sunset'.

2. Non-Members or Un-licenced karters are NOT permitted to use the 'Wimmera Kart Way Circuit' at any time.

>> Trespasses will be prosecuted and any members involved will have their Karting Australia racing licence suspended.

>> Use of our Race Circuit is prohibited if you are not a member of our club and/or do not have a current "Karting Australia" racing kart licence.

3. Non-Members are NOT permitted to use the 'Wimmera Kart Way Track' unless they are accompanied by a member. The lending of gate keys to non-members is strictly forbidden.

4. Drivers must sweep the track off and realign any tyre barriers should they run off the track at any time.

5. Children are not permitted on the track unless driving a kart.

6. Karts may only be started in the pit area on race days after permission has been granted by the Grid Marshall.

7. Full Protective Clothing must be worn at all times for both practice and racing.

8. Driving "in" the Out-Grid or "out" in the In-Grid is forbidden at all times.

9. Drivers must only drive in a clockwise direction.

10. Consumption of any alcohol, smoking of cigarettes or using drugs is banned in the pit area during both practice and race days.

11. Washing down of karts in the pits is forbidden at all times.

12. All karts must comply with safety regulations at all times as set out in the current AKA Karting Manual Rule Book.

13. No pets are allowed in the pits on practice or race days unless they are on a lead.

14. Locking of entrance gates is the responsibility of the last member to leave the grounds.

15. No Camping is allowed at the track without permission being granted by the executive committee.

16. The track will be closed for practice or racing use when organised working bee's are in progress, the grass is being cut or the track is being maintained.

17. Refueling and or Oiling of chains on the grid or any part of the track is strictly forbidden as fuel and oil will destroy the bitumen track surface.

18. No cars are allowed on the track except during working bee's

19. No naked flames of any type are allowed in the pits at any time.

20. Only one person per kart is allowed on the track at any time. Anyone found contrevening this rule will face severe disciplinary action.

21. Skateboards, rollers skates or roller blades are banned in the pit area during practice or race meetings but may be used on the track at lunch breaks and after the meeting has closed.

22. CADET and JUNIOR drivers must NOT be left at the track at any time without adults supervision.

23. CADET drivers must NOT be on the track at the same time as either Juniors or Seniors.

24. JUNIORS must not be on the track at the same time as Cadets or Seniors.

25. At the conclusion of each race meeting the track will be closed. This means that at no time can anyone take a kart onto the track as our race permit does not allow such action.

26. On race days all drivers must be entered and have their karts scrutineered BEFORE going out to practice. Failure to observe this rule will result in automatic exclusion from the race meeting.

27. Tyre Treatments are banned for both practice and racing.

28. Clubroom keys will only be issued to executive committee members and they will be held responsible for such keys.

29. Trash Bins are provided for you to keep the facility tidy. Please use them to dispose of any trash.