Burn rubber on the track not on the street!

Street Racing and aggressive driving is a big problem on our streets today. Young car owners are tuning their cars to be very high performance machines capable of great speeds.


The problem is that our streets have posted speed limits that render the upgrades useless.

It doesn't stop some of them from ignoring the signs. Furthermore, racing or participating in any speed event is prohibited on public roads.

 Young drivers have a need for speed so the Highway Traffic Act is not a deterrent.

When you drive fast and aggressively on public streets you have to understand that many factors make this dangerous or deadly.

 Pedestrians are crossing these streets. They don't know that you're racing and quickly become victims of your high speeds. Other drivers sharing the road with you are not traveling at the same speeds making them pillions for your fun.

You've spent the money to tune your car for high performance but you don't have the licence do drive it.

A car licence is not a racing licence and someone that does have a kart racing licence knows to keep the high speeds "on the race track" not the public roads".

Street racing and aggressive driving kills hundreds of people every year - drivers in high performance cars, innocent drivers sharing the same roads and pedestrians crossing the street or being hit by an out of control car mounting the sidewalk.

What do you get out of street racing? A possible criminal record, a broken car with no insurance to fix it, disability or maybe even death!

You and your mates can have fun going

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