19th June, 2017

To all club members, karters and family members, our WORKING BEE will be held at the track this coming Sunday, 25 June, in preparation for our big event. Sausage Sizzle and a drink will be supplied for lunch for all helping! - Start: 9:00am / Finish: 4:00pm (track will be closed during these hours)

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Trailers, Shovels, Forks, Rakes, Blower Vacs, Cleaning Products; e.g. Window cleaner, bench wipes, Toilet bowl cleaner, Cloths, Buckets, Brooms, Cobweb Brooms, Wheel Barrows, Brushcutters. We also need to stress the need for all to help as a club our size needs everyone committed. We must have a reply on who will be coming for catering reasons and we ask that members reply even if they cannot attend. Members who do not reply to this email will receive a phone call to make sure their details are correct and up to date. Please contact Shane Souter.

Upcoming events in Horsham...

Victorian Country Series R4 - 16th July, 2017

• Venue: 650 Henty Hway, Dooen (Horsham)
• Event Details: click here
• Supp-Regs TBA

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KARTING... your going to love it! 

Karting is one of the most fun, exhilarating, cost effective and professionally run forms of motorsport in Australia. It is the perfect sport for families to come together at weekends and participate in an exciting, social, healthy and rewarding activity, and gives them the opportunity to become apart of and make friends with a large friendly community of like minded people who share a similar passion for motor sport and who are more than happy to assist new people into the sport.

Karting provides the opportunity for people of all backgrounds and age groups to participate in a sport that provides a thrilling and enjoyable sense of speed being so close to the ground and racing wheel to wheel with other drivers. 

The sport of karting is an adrenaline rush quite like no other sport can provide.

In Victoria there are over 18 Karting Australia affiliated kart clubs with a racing meeting happening almost every weekend at a kart club around the state.

Types of karting events that are held include Club Day racing which is held on the last Sunday of every month at most Victorian kart clubs. There are Open Meetings, Series Meetings, State Championship and National Championship series events.

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